[][src]Function ncollide3d::query::nonlinear_time_of_impact_support_map_support_map_with_closest_points_function

pub fn nonlinear_time_of_impact_support_map_support_map_with_closest_points_function<N, G1: ?Sized, G2: ?Sized>(
    motion1: &impl RigidMotion<N> + ?Sized,
    g1: &G1,
    motion2: &impl RigidMotion<N> + ?Sized,
    g2: &G2,
    max_toi: N,
    target_distance: N,
    closest_points: impl Fn(&Isometry<N>, &G1, &Isometry<N>, &G2, N) -> ClosestPoints<N>
) -> Option<TOI<N>> where
    N: RealField,
    G1: SupportMap<N>,
    G2: SupportMap<N>, 

Time of impacts between two support-mapped shapes under a rigid motion.

You probably want to use query::nonlinear_time_of_impact_support_map_support_map instead of this one. The distance function between the two shapes must be given.