[][src]Struct ncollide3d::interpolation::ConstantVelocityRigidMotion

pub struct ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N: RealField> {
    pub t0: N,
    pub start: Isometry<N>,
    pub local_center: Point<N>,
    pub linvel: Vector<N>,
    pub angvel: Vector<N>,

A linear motion from a starting isometry traveling at constant translational velocity.


t0: N

The time at which this parametrization begins. Can be negative.

start: Isometry<N>

The starting isometry at t = self.t0.

local_center: Point<N>

The local-space point at which the rotational part of this motion is applied.

linvel: Vector<N>

The translational velocity of this motion.

angvel: Vector<N>

The angular velocity of this motion.


impl<N: RealField> ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N>[src]

pub fn new(
    t0: N,
    start: Isometry<N>,
    local_center: Point<N>,
    linvel: Vector<N>,
    angvel: Vector<N>
) -> Self

Initialize a motion from a starting isometry and linear and angular velocities.

Trait Implementations

impl<N: Debug + RealField> Debug for ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> RigidMotion<N> for ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<N> RefUnwindSafe for ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N> where
    N: RefUnwindSafe + Scalar

impl<N> Send for ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N> where
    N: Scalar

impl<N> Sync for ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N> where
    N: Scalar

impl<N> Unpin for ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N> where
    N: Scalar + Unpin

impl<N> UnwindSafe for ConstantVelocityRigidMotion<N> where
    N: Scalar + UnwindSafe

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