[][src]Struct ncollide3d::shape::Cuboid

pub struct Cuboid<N: RealField> { /* fields omitted */ }

Shape of a box.


impl<N: RealField> Cuboid<N>[src]

pub fn new(half_extents: Vector<N>) -> Cuboid<N>[src]

Creates a new box from its half-extents. Half-extents are the box half-width along each axis. Each half-extent must be positive.

impl<N: RealField> Cuboid<N>[src]

pub fn half_extents(&self) -> &Vector<N>[src]

The half-extents of this box. Half-extents are the box half-width along each axis.

pub fn tangent_cone_contains_dir(
    feature: FeatureId,
    m: &Isometry<N>,
    dir: &Unit<Vector<N>>
) -> bool

Checks that the given direction in world-space is on the tangent cone of the given feature.

Trait Implementations

impl<N: Clone + RealField> Clone for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> ConvexPolyhedron<N> for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: Debug + RealField> Debug for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> HasBoundingVolume<N, AABB<N>> for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> HasBoundingVolume<N, BoundingSphere<N>> for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: PartialEq + RealField> PartialEq<Cuboid<N>> for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> PointQuery<N> for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> RayCast<N> for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> Shape<N> for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> StructuralPartialEq for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> SupportMap<N> for Cuboid<N>[src]

impl<N: RealField> ToTriMesh<N> for Cuboid<N>[src]

type DiscretizationParameter = ()

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<N> RefUnwindSafe for Cuboid<N> where
    N: RefUnwindSafe + Scalar

impl<N> Send for Cuboid<N> where
    N: Scalar

impl<N> Sync for Cuboid<N> where
    N: Scalar

impl<N> Unpin for Cuboid<N> where
    N: Scalar + Unpin

impl<N> UnwindSafe for Cuboid<N> where
    N: Scalar + UnwindSafe

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impl<T> BorrowMut<T> for T where
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impl<T> Downcast for T where
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