[][src]Function ncollide3d::query::contact_support_map_support_map_with_params

pub fn contact_support_map_support_map_with_params<N, G1: ?Sized, G2: ?Sized>(
    m1: &Isometry<N>,
    g1: &G1,
    m2: &Isometry<N>,
    g2: &G2,
    prediction: N,
    simplex: &mut VoronoiSimplex<N>,
    init_dir: Option<Unit<Vector<N>>>
) -> GJKResult<N> where
    N: RealField,
    G1: SupportMap<N>,
    G2: SupportMap<N>, 

Contact between support-mapped shapes (Cuboid, ConvexHull, etc.)

This allows a more fine grained control other the underlying GJK algorigtm. The vector-typed result is the vector that should be passed as init for subsequent executions of the algorithm. It is also the contact normal (that points toward the outside of the first solid).